Hypospermia Causes

hypospermia-causesWhat causes hypospermia? So many men around the world are wondering about this. Modern medicine knows several factors that may cause hypospermia.

The most common factor causing hypospermia in men is an unhealthy way of life and various bad habits many men have. Fast food, high cholesterol food, obesity, alcohol and smoking – any or all of these can cause hypospermia and other issues in men.

Another factor is age, and recently average age of men starting suffering hypospermia is decreasing – that’s a very disappointing fact! The inability¬† to ejaculate normally is causing many issue, not only lack of sexual satisfaction and infertility, but also psychological issues that may cause decline in male sexual activity and finally impotence.

That is why one should treat hypospermia and our site will provide up to date details and recent developments in hypospermia study and treatments.

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