hypospermia-psychologySo what is Hypospermia?

Modern medicine describes Hypospermia as a medical condition when a man has an unusually low ejaculate (semen) volume. If your semen volume is lower than 2 mL, then U.S. based National Institutes of Health would conclude that you are suffering Hypospermia. Hypospermia should not be confused with a similar condition Oligospermia, which is more important for male fertility. And the ones who are suffering Hypospermia are obviously experiencing other issues: ejaculations are not as pleasant as they should be because of very low ejaculate volume and there is no normal sexual satisfaction after the sexual act. That is why Hypospermia may cause psychological and confidence problems and that is why it should be treated accordingly. We have created this website specially for such men who want to fight and get rid of hypospermia in order to have great sex and satisfaction every time.

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